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School holidays are finally here and the scorching sunshine continues. Everyone at Bumble Bz wishes our great P7's every success & happiness in their new 'big school'. No matter what big school brings, this is just the start of the next chapter in your school life so don't let the opportunity slip by. Give it your best. You're always welcome to come back for a visit and remember, you can still come to our after-schools til you're about to start Year 9.

It would be great if parents could let us know about holiday plans in advance so we can plan holiday breaks for the girls. Remember, we don't charge for days we close but we do charge for no-shows on your booked/normal days. Whilst we'll always try to swap days and be flexible where we can, it's not pay-as-you-go with no charge for unused days !! Sorry folks !!

During the summer break we've planned a great schedule of away-days and trips for the after-schools. Watch this space ....

Remember, BeeHive is open each day from 08:00am til 6:00pm and we're still doing the 5:30pm bus run down to Bumble Bz each day.

BeeHive will be closed Wed 11th, Thurs 12th & Fri 13 July and 30th, 31st August.

Please remember sun cream for the kids - unfortunately we aren't allowed to provide sun creams due the risk of allergies - and maybe a fashionable sun hat !!

Thanks and have a great summer everyone.